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Technology Protection

The loss of critical technology information degrades our nation’s advantage on the battlefield and wasted investment to research and development efforts. Our team supports technology protection through holistic methods in engineering, security and intelligence activities.

Identify and Protect Critical Technology

Catapult Consultants provide technology protection services at the intersection of engineering, security and intelligence that together play a vital role in our integrated approach to critical technology protection. Our team has experience in all aspects of the protection lifecycle and policy development for this critical national security area.


Our experts use a risk-based engineering approach to assessing and executing system development, recognizing best practices and standards in software and hardware assurance and anti-tamper engineering. Their expertise includes functional decomposition of systems to identify the most critical technology requiring enhanced protection methodologies.


We provide services in foundational and emerging security disciplines that support today’s technology protection including cyber, information and personnel security activities and policy development.


Catapult team members are experienced in intelligence activities that support the technology protection lifecycle. We understand the threat landscape facing our defense industrial base, laboratories and academic institutions and how to identify those threats for mitigation.

Program Protection

We present a holistic approach to technology and program protection through our understanding of the functional area interdependencies that exist in the current technology environment. From research to development, acquisition to deployment there are a myriad of risk management challenges in identifying system critical tech, threats and vulnerabilities through program lifecycles that must be understood and mitigated appropriately.

Current & Past Performance

USD(R&E) Research, Development, Test, Evaluation, Engineering and Technical Services (RETS)

Provides research, engineering, and technical expertise from small businesses to promote innovation and advance the Department’s technological superiority.


FBI Cyber Intelligence Support Services (CISS)

Provides cyber expertise, analytical, and professional support services to the Cyber Policy, Intelligence, and Engagement Branch (CPIEB) and operational units within the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Cyber Division.

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