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Data Analytics

Agencies are continually tasked with the collection of data but don’t always have the resources to turn that data into action. Get actionable insights from your data to make informed organizational decisions with Catapult’s Data Analysis Services.

Providing Insights on Large & Disparate Data Sets

Catapult Consultants performs both proactive and reactive data analysis to clean, sort, analyze and provide insights on large, sometimes disparate, data sets.

Data Integration

We combine and map large data sets from disparate sources into a unified, usable format for analysis. Our team offers superior experience in integrating both structured and unstructured data sets.

Data Analysis

We identify historical and future trends to reveal patterns of threats, fraud, waste, and abuse. Experienced in descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics.

Statistical Analysis

Our team is comprised of data analysts and statisticians who hold graduate degrees in Statistics and Information Technology, as well as mastery of SAS (including certified Advanced and Base SAS programmers).

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Catapult's team develops scripts to ensure consistent and reliable output, conducts data analysis and liaisons with Law Enforcement. We use data analysis, data matching, statistical analysis, trending activities and collaborative efforts to identify potential fraud, waste and abuse.

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