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Founded in 2001, Catapult Consultants identifies and exposes fraud and criminal activities through our investigative solutions in cyber threat and data analytics.

About Us

With evolving attacks in cyber and across critical data-centric industries, U.S. citizens and their sensitive data continue to be at risk. The U.S. Government needs support from an adversary-focused and forward-looking organization that can meet these demands and provide timely, informative and actionable communications.

Sitting at the convergence of cyber threat and data analytics services, Catapult Consultants is a cleared, small business that exists to secure the nation by integrating our technical expertise in cyber threat response and data analytics with our Government, Finance, Healthcare and Intelligence Community experience.

Our Vision

Improve the security of every U.S. citizen and protect the integrity of government systems and institutions.

Our Mission

Identify and mitigate risks to our customers through relevant cyber threat and data analytics solutions.

Our Services

Cyber Threat Response

Minimize cyber risk. Protect your sensitive data. <br> <br><br>

Financial Investigations

Address financial fraud, waste and abuse in your organization. <br><br>

Data Analytics

Get actionable insights from your data. Make informed organizational decisions.<br><br><br>

Technology Protection

Identify and protect critical technologies to maintain technological advantage.</br></br>

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