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Digital Transformation

The continued use of legacy systems leaves agencies at risk of cyber-attacks. Propel your organization into the future by transforming your legacy system with Catapult’s Digital Transformation services.

Transform Your Legacy System

Catapult Consultants helps customers migrate to modern and cloud-based infrastructures.

Systems Design & Development

We build mission-critical cybersecurity solutions that enable the timely dissemination of threat warnings and improve information sharing across the government stakeholder community.

Technology Integration

Our experts evaluate and report on new technologies to enhance capabilities of the network. Our guidance informs decisions on selecting innovative solutions to address present and future requirements.

IT Program Management

Our ability to drive and measure performance through data-driven analysis, knowledge-management strategies, and process improvement tools provides our customers with confidence that their projects and programs will be successful.

Cloud Migration Support

We support customers with their growing cloud footprint. Our engineers have experience across Azure, Google and Amazon cloud environments and participate in both cloud architecture and security engineering solutions to mature the security of cloud applications.

Current & Past Performance

DHS Domino

Provide design, development, and Operations & Maintenance services for the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS).

USPS Mercury II

Mercury II provides the USPS support to establish a strong CISO organization and supplement USPS resources with industry-leading technology and cyber security resources.

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