SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

Monitor and Maximize Quality

Catapult has an outstanding ability to mold, manage, and maintain quality support teams. We have a proven history within DoD as well as non-DoD organizations of: managing contract efforts effectively; hiring, retaining, and assigning to customer projects a stable, expert, motivated workforce (including both Catapult and subcontractor employees); monitoring and delivering quality products and services by capitalizing on our quality control program (discussed below); and providing responsive, cooperative team members that are proactive to anticipate and resolve contract/task order problems and issues. Our Contract Management and Quality Control Processes provide effective, logical processes and disciplines to:

  • develop and maintain effective, productive working relationships with our customers
  • successfully plan, manage, and integrate multiple task assignments
  • anticipate, assign, record, and track work efforts and responsibilities
  • provide visibility of contract and work technical progress, schedules, and costs
  • hold employees accountable for consistent, superior performance
  • ensure effective customer interface, communications, and availability for customer requirements, meetings, and discussions
  • provide proactive, value-added ideas, solutions, and problem solving
  • establish and maintain high customer satisfaction levels
  • promote continuous business and process improvements to save time and money
  • provide excellent and rewarding employee development and compensation packages

Approach to Customer Responsiveness and Cooperation

Catapult Consultants utilizes a disciplined and comprehensive Contract Management Process(CMP) to ensure we proactively cooperate and respond to our customers. Our CMP includes work and task planning, work assignments, and assignment/action item logs – which are used to plan, manage, track, and report our work requirements, activities, and accomplishments. This Process requires that for each task order/assignment, our Program Manager (our designated single point of contact for task management) identify and assign task(s), including: technical approach/procedures; work products and deliverables; due dates and milestones; customer points of contact; points of contact; and requirements for meetings, briefings, presentations, and progress reporting. This information is proactively provided to our clients on a regular basis to ensure outstanding service support, and to identify emerging or potential issues.

Catapult’s Contract Management Process also ensures compliance with all contract requirements and provides the structure and discipline to manage, control, and report contract cost, expenditures, hours, billing schedules, and technical performance. This Process has been approved by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and includes internal control disciplines for contract file documentation, task/resource/hour allocation, contract/assignment charge numbers, work authorization/approval, management/approval of ODCs/travel expenses, invoice review and processing; and contract cost reporting.

Approach to Problem Resolution

Catapult’s Quality Control Process and approach provides the disciplined processes, procedures, and metrics necessary to continually evaluate the quality and responsiveness of our deliverables, day-to-day support services, personnel, work papers, and our decision support tools and resources. Our Quality Control Process assigns specific quality control and reporting responsibilities to managers and team members. All levels of Catapult management and staff are committed to ensuring performance excellence and the delivery of high quality products and services.

Should an issue arise, each Catapult manager and team personnel has the duty and obligation to address the issue head-on within Catapult, and with our customers. The Project Manager and Seaport-e Executive Team will coordinate with the client to discus the issue, its root driver, and remediation strategies. Catapult will provide service deliverables on time, within budget. That is our guarantee.