Healthcare Solutions

For the past 11 years Catapult Consultants has provided a broad spectrum of services and solutions to our customers whose focus is on health and public programs.  We have leveraged our capabilities and services to support healthcare benefit programs and to improve the quality of healthcare services provided by health and medical personnel.  We have provided enablement and support services to public-facing programs aimed at improving the lives, health, education and overall welfare of our families and children.  Our Healthcare Solutions team is aligned and invested in the mission of our customers in this segment and proud of the work we do to help them address their increasingly complex challenges they face in providing the services and programs need by the citizens of this country.

Among our capabilities, Catapult Consultants is a recognized leader in program integrity and has significant experience working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  We were the first contractor to work with CMS’ Medicaid Program Integrity Group for whom we developed the audit protocols currently used nationwide by the Medicaid Integrity Audit Contractors (MICs).  We were the first contractor to perform Medicaid Program Integrity audits (“Test Audits”) in conjunction with the States.  Our ability to deliver truly meaningful results in a cost effective manner was noted in the June 2012 GAO Report entitled “National Medicaid Audit Program.”

Catapult has a long history of delivering value and high quality services to our customers and teaming partners.  A sampling of our value-add includes:

  • A Technical Expert Panel (TEP) comprised of deep experts across a range of healthcare specialties that are available to provide subject matter expertise and strategic advisory support to our projects.
  • A dedicated and experienced program leadership team comprised of individuals with highly relevant experience in the healthcare industry and in-depth understanding of DHHS, VA and Military Health programs.
  • Strong past performance with Medicare and Medicaid program compliance.
  • The ability to move fluidly between the information technology and health administration sectors.
  • A deep expertise in identifying, investigating, pursuing and ultimately recovering dollars for fraud and abuse investigations.
  • A quality-driven, customer-focused workforce.

Capabilities and Offerings

Our Team

The Healthcare Solutions team is comprised of full time employees whose focus is to provide support and solutions to our customers in fulfilling their mission, objectives and responsibilities and a broad and diverse panel of medical experts who provide ad hoc and as needed support to any of our projects requiring their expertise.

Our medical experts, whose areas of expertise include specialties such as organ transplant, general medicine, nursing, pharmaceuticals, social work, coders, medical claims and physical therapy are employees of Catapult and are a strong differentiator in our ability to provide robust support and solutions.

A sample of our team’s certifications and specialties include:

  • PMP
  • MBA, MPH, PhD, JD
  • MD, RN, DPN,NP, Pharm. D, JD, DDS, Social Worker (SW)
  • Statistical Specialists
  • Certified Coders
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), OIG auditors

Our Customers

Catapult has extensive and diverse experience supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Within CMS we have worked with:

  • Center for Program Integrity (CPI)
    • Medicaid Program Integrity Group
    • Medicare Program Integrity Group
    • Data Analytics and Control Group (DACG)
    • Data Sharing and Partnership Group
  • Office of Clinical Standards & Quality (OCSQ)
    • Survey and Certification Group (S&C)

Also within HHS, Catapult has worked with the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in support of the Office of Head Start (OHS) and with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).