Electronic Risk Management Assistant

ERMA is a full service web-based database storage, management and tracking system to improve quality and reduce any types of adverse risk. We work behind the scenes to allow your staff to focus on what’s important; your residents or patients. ERMA offers your facility the opportunity to focus on care. Through the use of a web-based solution and our HIPAA trained staff and clinicians, we are able to identify the underlying quality assurance issues within your organization. We aim to simplify your process while driving down the costs associated with preventable events.

Over 600 healthcare facilities across the nation depend on ERMA to improve the quality and outcomes of care they provide. This simple, easy to use web-based tool provides access to key information allowing for early intervention and cause analysis for incident prevention.

Company and Tool Snapshot

  • Risk management and cost savings tool used since 1999
  • Utilized by over thirty companies in over 520 facilities
  • Supports healthcare facilities across the U.S.
  • Built-in HIPAA compliant security and privacy features
  • Secure web-server with real-time data backup
  • Corporate offices in Virginia and Maryland
  • Trained staff with on-site or remote training capabilities
  • Data and reports utilized by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), State and Federal Surveyors, Life Safety Surveyors, OSHA reviewers, Auditors, Surveyors, Licensing/Certification reviewers, Nursing, Providers, Compliance Officers, Office of Inspector General (OIG), Government Accounting Office (GAO) and Quality Assurance/Risk Committees


ERMA’s Key Features

  • Identifies potential risks with patients, staff, visitors, facility, or business office functions
  • Tracking and trending capabilities for each module
  • and in aggregation
  • Customized compliance and customized alerts
  • Immediate “linking” feature to any other module
  • “White Board” communication tool for messaging internally between staff that maintains confidentiality
  • Tool can be easily customized for any type of
  • healthcare facility

ERMA’s Value

  • Key component in an effective risk management and quality assurance program
  • Improves quality reporting and provides reliable data for QAPI performance improvement projects
  • Complies with quality measures and initiatives from the Federal and State government
  • Improves quality of patient care and outcomes
  • Tool is adaptable, flexible, and easy to learn and use
  • Centralizes and improves all facility documentation

ERMA’s Modules and Capabilities

  • Medication Error
  • Changes in Patient Status
  • Recurring Incidents
  • Unplanned Discharges
  • Denials Management
  • Incident / Accident Tracking
  • Medical Record Request Tracking
  • Claims Management
  • Survey Tracking
  • Contract Management
  • Consolidated Billing Tracking
  • File Storage

ERMA Case Study

A facility was experiencing regulatory problems, inconsistent documentation and compliance issues in over a hundred and fifty long term care facilities. This facility was on the verge of decertification. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), specifically the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), delivered a mandate for the firm to develop a tool and process that would enable incidents to be identified and reporting identically across all facilities. The OIG requested the facility to utilize the tool to identify trends and reduce and/or prevent recurrences of significant incidents. Internal attempts of developing such a tool failed. The firm explored existing tools in the marketplace and selected ERMA because of its track record and capabilities. Since ERMA was implemented – a two year period, the facility has entered documentation on over 370,000 incidents in a consistent standardized manner. This has resulted in improved understanding of the impact of incidents, a huge learning curve for the staff and facility, a significant decrease in the number of incidents and negative outcomes, an improved quality of life for the patient, and a means to prevent future incidents from turning into a claim.

What Our Clients are Saying

“As a claims manager for a large, long term company, I couldn’t possibly do my job without ERMA. ERMA has allowed me to discontinue using a Third Party Administrator.”

-Claims Manager, Top 10 Long Term Care Provider