Schedule 70

Established by the GSA to assist federal agencies with a flexible and streamlined process for procuring top notch IT products, services, and solutions, Schedule 70 helps agencies meet their IT missions. Schedule 70 covers most general purpose commercial IT services, equipment, and software.

GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program allows state and local government agencies to purchase IT products and services through Schedule 70 as well.

Approved as a Schedule 70 contractor, Catapult’s contract number is: GS-35F-0299P.

Catapult is certified to provide services and solutions under the SIN code 132-51, Information Technology Professional Services, which includes: resources and facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, network services, programming, conversion and implementation support, network services project management, data/records management, subscriptions/publications (electronic media), information assurance, and other services.

Specifically, the services covered include:

  • FDPS Code D302: IT Systems Development Services
  • FPDS Code D306: IT Systems Analysis Services
  • FPDS Code D308: Programming Services
  • FPDS Code D310: IT Backup and Security Services
  • FPDS Code D311: IT Data Conversion Services
  • FPDS Code D399: Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

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Contact Information

Matt Pavlak

Office: 703-849-0960 (x271)
Fax: 703-852-2843
Customer Satisfaction POC

Ed Rinkavage

Office: 703-849-0960 (x182)
Fax: 703-852-2843
Vice President, Acquisition Management