What Catapult Employees are Saying…

“I am a relatively new employee with Catapult, and couldn’t believe how quickly I felt like I “fit in”. Recently, I met with my management team while they were in Kansas City for a site visit, and discussed my commitment for a long term career at Catapult and my road map for getting there; including steps I wanted to take, what I needed from them and the company as well as what they needed from me. They really listened, provided great feedback and followed through on their promise to give me more responsibilities and advancement opportunities. It feels great to know I have only been with Catapult eight short months and they already believe in me. I feel as though I have found a company where I belong, one that wants to help my career reach its highest potential, and is willing to support me to get there. “
—RM, Financial Analyst

“I’ve been with Catapult for almost three years. During that time I have been given the opportunity to expand upon my 24 years of service with the Marine Corps. A unique and appreciated opportunity at Catapult is the regular interaction with upper management, and seeing that my opinion is valued. Additionally, they have supported my growth by offering in-house training including the CDFM certification program. Catapult has invested in me so that I can continue my service to the DoD and USMC mission.”
—JM, Senior Budget Analyst

“Catapult has done a wonderful job taking care of me while deployed to Afghanistan. I felt secure that the folks back home at HQ would have my back. Our CEO, Bill Senich, even gave me his personal cell phone number with the directive to call him directly if there was ever an emergency. Our HR team regularly sent us care packages to ensure our basic needs were covered. Getting the “stuff” was great, but the fact that they took the time to do it, meant the world. I could not have asked for a better team, support and experience. I look forward to staying a part of Catapult for this exciting time as we continue to expand and grow.”
—RB, Financial Systems Analyst