Custom Analytics

Catapult’s advanced analytic techniques allow us to create more precise models of the world around us.  Models that can be applied throughout our solutions to help inform and foster better decisions. Advanced analytics allows you to dig deep into both internal data and external factors.  Analytics applies what it learns to your strategy to either maximize or minimize your information.

In a data-driven digital communications program, advanced analytics are based on mathematical principals that allow you to anticipate possible future outcomes and either capitalize on them or adjust now to impact the future.  Use of Catapult’s advanced analytics can drive your big data solutions.

Catapult has a long history of delivering value and high quality services to our customers and teaming partners.  A sampling of our value-add includes:

  • Mission-Focused, Effective, and Responsive Advanced Analytics Services and Solutions
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Domain Expertise in Intelligence, Healthcare,  Defense,
  • and Homeland Security
  • Track Record of Successful and Predictable Contract Delivery
  • Absolute Executive Commitment to Customer Mission
  • A Small Business Solution to Your Big Data Problems: Agile, Accessible, Responsive,  Affordable… Catapult Consultants

Our Capabilities and Offerings

  • Predictive & Descriptive Analytics
  • Data Mining, Data Modeling, Data Integration, Data Storage, & Data Visualization
  • “Big Data” Platform Solutions
  • Pattern and Event Detection
  • Signal Analysis & Scenario Modeling
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Infrastructure for Analytics
  • Policy Development & Program Planning