Catapult Consultants Wins Financial Management Contract with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

Arlington, Virginia

Catapult Consultants, a leading 8(a) firm that specializes in providing an array of financial management, acquisition management, program management, and information assurance solutions to Federal agencies, was recently selected to build an activity-based costing (ABC) model, develop metrics and performance measures, and implement the model across the NCIS enterprise to achieve operational success.

NCIS is the Navy’s preeminent law enforcement agency dedicated to investigating and mitigating criminal, terrorist, and intelligence threats affecting the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps worldwide. Over the past five years, increasing demands for NCIS capabilities have required NCIS to assess and align resources consistent with operational demand signals to successfully execute to mission requirements. NCIS selected Catapult Consultants to develop and implement the ABC model to enhance the effectiveness of NCIS’ resource management by closely identifying the true costs of its capabilities and associated business processes.

“Catapult is excited to work with NCIS to construct an ABC model that is useful, sufficient, and representative of the entire NCIS enterprise,” said Anthony Fung, Principal of Catapult Consultants. “We are confident that our services will help NCIS assess the degree to which its expenditures align with strategic goals, and determine other means by which its mission costs might be recapitalized.”

Once developed, Catapult will train NCIS personnel to ensure they are able to operate and maintain the enterprise ABC system. Catapult will provide these services on-site at NCIS’ headquarters in Washington, DC.

About Catapult Consultants

Based in Arlington, Virginia, Catapult Consultants is a minority-owned, 8(a) certified, professional services and management consulting company specializing in Financial Management, Acquisitions, Program Management and Information Assurance with corporate expertise built around compliance, controls, and assurance. Delivering innovation and award-winning solutions, including accounting, budgeting and auditing services; grant management and program analysis; and acquisition strategy and management, Catapult is GSA approved under the MOBIS, Schedule 70, and FABS contracting schedules. Catapult’s mission is to help organizations reach new heights in excellence. For more information, visit